KOZO , the lacy Mulberry bark sheets


Kozo, that is the base material for paper making: fibers of the Mulberry tree,  Broussonetia papyrifera. Usually, the bark of the Mulberry tree gets cooked, then pulped and processed into paper. After getting cooked, the fibers show an interesting effect: gently torn, they develop a lace effect, turning the still rough and not yet pulped Kozo into an interesting fabric.


Our KOZO bark sheets show this effect. 100% natural, their bit wild attitude invites to experiments. Collages, lampshades, floral containers, wrapping, objects, sculptures, the world of the creative use of KOZO is wide.


We offer KOZO in 5 colors:

offwhite, coral red, olive green, pale rose, taupe gray


1 package of Kozo costs ¥2400

from 5 packages, 1 package will cost ¥2200

from 10 packages, 1 package will cost ¥2100

Just add your favorite colors and quantities at the order page.

Colors can be mixed for orders of Kozo.



coral red

olive green

pale rose

taupe gray


KOZO lacy bark sheets come in packages of 100 g, containing 2 ~ 3 sheets, each 10 to 50cm wide and 60 to 90 cm wide.