We are trying to be more ecologically aware with Greengabes.
What we can do on our side:
We are getting the products unpacked from the makers to save plastic waste.
What you can do:
You can choose, if you want the products packed in paper or in transparent not-so-eco vinyl.
Let us know, what packing you prefer, when you check out!
The paper we use, is 100% recyclable. 

Oil treated goods ( Sugigoromo/ Takenokawa)

The paper packing is recyclable, but as it is paper, the oil which is on products treated with the preserving method, leaves sometimes some stains inside the packing bag . This doesn't harm the products at all.

Vinyl packing

If you want to resell our goods or if you like them better like this, we offer the option to pack them into clear vinyl bags.

Paper packing

The paper is recyclable. As it is paper, it sometimes soaks a bit of the oil up on the inside. For private use, it is no problem, we think.

This is, how the Sugigoromo rolls look inside the paper bags!

This is, how we pack. Unbleached pulp paper is used for filling spaces or to wrap Rakusui Paper and Kyogi bunches.

Let us know your choice!

Before checking out, you will find a message field. Please add there your preferred way of packing.


"Together, we can change the world!"