Swedish Midsummer Shop

We are very happy to announce our  "Swedish Midsummer Shop" for a limited time. As long as Gabriele is staying at URNATUR in the midth of the Swedish forests, which means whole July 2017 until midth of August, you are welcome to order the most beautiful designs of ULRIKA KRYNITZ.


Ulrika is the owner and founder of URNATUR. As a biologist and as a designer, she focusses on natural motifs:

moss, of course, but also algae, seaweed, wind and water.

All her creations are so beautiful!


"6 years ago, when we lead a group of flower designers to Urnatur, I bought Ulrika's moss fabrics for myself.

I can assure you of the high, dense quality of the fabrics, and I can recommend them from my heart for displaying them with flowers.

The fabrics seem to add the forest into rooms!"

( Gabriele)

The Swedish Midsummer Shop contains the fabrics of Ulrika: they are all designed by her, some are handprinted.

All fabrics can be turned into clothing, can be used as curtains, table runners or backgrounds, of course they can turn into bags or even covers for arrangements and of course they are out of 100% natural eco materials.

Be inspired!

MOSS motif fabrics

designed by ULRIKA KRYNITZ

green moss


100% cotton

150cm width


1m=  Euro 39

maygreen moss, voile

100% cotton voile

150cm width


1m=  Euro 46,80

green moss velvet

100% cotton velvet


140cm width


1m=  Euro 213,40

lightblue moss

100%  cotton

150cm width


1m = Euro 36,40

SEAWEED motif fabrics

Seaweed olive linen

50% cotton, 50% linen

3 colors: olive, brownish, darkblue

150cm width


1m=  Euro 59,90

Seaweed olive cotton

100% cotton

3 colors: olive, brownish, darkblue

150cm width


1m=  Euro 36,40


Seaweed white linen

50% cotton, 50% linen


170cm width


1m= Euro59,90

Seaweed white cotton

100% cotton voile

140cm width


1m=  Euro 49,90

Greengabes offers Ulrika's original fabrics in the coming weeks. You can comfortably order as usual through us. The fabrics will be shipped from Sweden.

Of course, you are welcome to order directly at Urnatur's webshop as well, especially after the SWEDISH MIDSUMMER SHOP will have to close in August.

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