Kyogi, Rakusui, Takenokawa, Koyori, Sugigoromo. Traditional natural materials from Japan.

Wood, paper, bamboo.

Presented by designers to designers.


Kyogi are 100% natural, unbleached, thinly shaved wooden sheets of "akamatsu", the Japanese red pine, thin as paper.

For the designing world close to nature.


Koyori, a name like a bird's song, are Japanese paper threads. Their distinguished "flag" is the designing point for artistic minded creators.


Rakusui, created out of water and mulberry threads, is a rare Japanese Washi paper. Famous for it's long fibers, it allows endless design variations.


Takenokawa means bamboo skin. The usually sturdy sheath got treated by Japanese "Preserved Technique" specialists and now features an unique and beautiful softness.


Sugi is the Japanese name for cedar. Thinly shaved curls of the cedar are softened, turning them into a versatile, friendly, longlasting design product with a wonderful flow.


Rice husks are called Momigara in Japanese. We consider it the most natural, recycable sustainable material ever for covering floral bases and for creating natural design surfaces.


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We send out little trial sets for free. Enjoy to get a letter from Japan with some Kyogi, Rakusui and Koyori in it!




Besides our own designs with Greengabes' products, we are very happy to  present the amazing works of flower designers from all over the world, which we proudly call colleagues, customers and friends.

Welcome to the collection of a great community!