MOMIGARA, the rice spelt

A 100% natural material, the rice spelt Momigara solves the problem with covering the floral foam base for flower arrangements. It is light, not only in weight, but also in color, it is fine enough to not block the flower stems, and it fulfills all requests for an eco-friendly material. Most easy to recycle, it is a dreamlike biodegradable material. 

As a dry and lightweighted as it is, Momigara can be easily glued on surfaces, creating a natural rough surface for designs.

Again, as most Greengabes materials, Momigara has no distinctive form and is as "undesigned" as possible. It is a natural base material, waiting to be turned into designs!

Lighter than sand or grit, Momigara is so pleasant to distribute. Keeps your hands clean, adding an earthy look without the attitude of dirt. Just the right roughness! And a nice play of beige color shades!

Just deliberately sprinkle the Momigara onto your base, adding a beautiful, natural, light and crafty atmosphere.

If it gets wet, it doesnt change it's structure, just the color turns a tad brownisher.

Momigara is sold in bags of 500gram.