This is a wire from the classic Ikebana world.

Hana no ito, the "arrangement wire", is really thin and can be used to fix small floral parts. Traditionally, it was used to bind flowers together, nowadays we use it for building fine nets as technical constructions or to tie grasses and thin brittle materials together.
Very useful also for dry flowers!
As all our materials, the "Hana no ito" is a flexible material, which will inspire you to new usages! Try to build thin light constructions out of it! Try to tie a thin fresh flower wreath! Headwreathes! Litte fingerring decorations!

Hana no ito is a daily member on our work tables.

Tying fresh thin twigs together with green Hana no ito.

Knotting thin Mikado sticks together with brown Hana no ito.

Tying thin dry grasses together with white Hana no ito.

A watermoss based wreath out of tiny flowers, Hana no ito is the perfect technical material for this.

Hana no ito, green

Hana no ito, brown

Hana no ito, white

Hana no ito data

Length: 20m

Thickness: No.30

Material: wire, wrapped in paper, on a paper board, all organic


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