KAMI TAPE, the long long paper lines

KAMI TAPE is a traditional type of ribbon in Japan. On various paper craft markets, "Kami Tape" means a real tape, with a sticky backside. The traditional Japanese "Kami Tape" though is not meant to be glued or taped onto somewhere, it means something totally different:

it is a roll of paper ribbon with we do-not-know how many endless meters on it (.....of course we know: 34m!). It has a super beautiful story to it:
When people depart on a boat, the one who enters the boat, carries a roll of Kami Tape with him, for each family member or friend left behind, one roll. Up on the boat, the traveller throws one roll to each of his loved ones, holding the beginning in his hands. And so, the traveller and the left-behind are connected. Connected through this very long long light line. The boat will leave the quay and as long as the ribbon is, the both hearts will stay connected, until, yes until one has to let go.....❤️...........❤️......

It is such a beautiful story, isn't it!





As a designer, I have to say, this paper ribbon is amazing! Always did I dream of many many long long ribbons for decorations, for arrangements, for parties, but as it is with ribbons, there is always the price, which limits the quantity. Now, with the KAMI TAPE, there is so much freedom: so many meters on it, the price such affordable, and on top of it: no regrets to have to throw it away after the event! As it is paper! Ecologic wise it gets a big OK!

What a plus-plus material!

KAMI TAPE comes in various colors, we start here with white, orange and green.

Colors & sizes

KAMI TAPE has a diameter of 7cm and a width of 1,8cm.  Length is 34m per roll. Colors are white, green and orange. 




Ways to use