Our online shop is not an automated shop, but more of an order system. You send us your order, we will send you an estimation. Only from there, we will send an invoice. 

We at Greengabes prefer to be in contact with our customers and to adjust to your wishes. We value our direct and personal contact with you very high!


To change the quantities, please proceed to the order cart page. 

Payment and delivery policy can be found at the end of this page.


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Kyogi A

Kyogi A is the thicker, more sturdy wooden paper.

48cm length, 15cm width.


Kyogi B

Kyogi B is the thinner, more translucent wooden paper.

42cm length, 12cm width.


Eggshell Koyori

Eggshell color, mat surface

30cm length, flag is 2cm wide


Wire Koyori

White, wire core

40 cm length, flag is 1,5 cm wide



Rakusui Washi

1m and 5m cuts


Rakusui Washi

1 roll = 15m x 58,5cm












Takehimo Binder

The very useful bamboo binders

100% paper, printed in bamboo pattern, with a wire in the middle


BUNA Wooden holders

100% beech wood treated with natural oil

1 holder includes a fitting glass tube

Length holder: 11,5cm

Diameter holder: 2,5cm

Length glass tube: 10cm

Diameter glass tube : 1,3cm


KEITA Stickrope


Hana no ito

The very thin Ikebana wire,  20m on a paper board


Kami Tape

Length is 34m, width is 1,8cm



500gr of rice husks, the natural base cover, 100% organic


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The newsletters can be canceled anytime. Or let us know, if you do not want to be added. Thank you!

Shop policy

Payment and Delivery

As our customers are all over this big world and order conditions are as individual as them, we do offer an adjusted service for each of you.

 We at Greengabes prefer to be in contact with our customers and to adjust to our customers wishes.


1. Estimation beforehand:

Please choose the option "Invoice" while the check-out procedures, if you want to receive an estimation for the delivery fees. After we received your order, we will contact you with an estimation of the specific delivery options to your country. Only after your confirmation, we will set up an invoice, which can be paid either through PayPal, credit card payment or bank transfer. After receiving your payment, we will proceed with shipping.

Global and personal!


2. Paying without an estimation

If you are a repeater, you are welcome to also proceed with paying for your goods through the option "PayPal", we will send the delivery fee separately.

Thank you for your trust, which to keep is most important to us.


3. Delivery within Japan

If you live in Japan, please proceed with the usual payment option "PayPal", you can pay through your own PayPal account or by credit card. We will then send per "chakubarai", means you can pay the delivery fee directly to the takkyubin person.

Fair and uncomplicated!


Please also leave a message, when you opt for eco packing!


Delivery options:

 EMS: this is the safest and quickest way to deliver your order. It takes 3 to 5 days to most countries, the parcel can be tracked and is completely insured.

SAL: a kind of economy delivery. It takes up to 3 weeks to most countries, the parcel can be tracked and is partially insured. An insurance can be added, depending on the volume.

Surface:  usually takes 3 months by ship, the parcel can be tracked and is partially insured. An insurance can be added, depending on the volume.

Costs for delivery vary widely, depending on your country, your chosen way of delivery and on the weight and size of the parcel. We will set up an estimation for each of our customers, listing up all delivery options and prices. You choose.


Additional fees:

A packing fee of ¥ 500  is added to your total amount. Big volumes might require a higher packing fee.

We will deliver promptly and timely after receiving your payment.

Packages will go through customs check in your country. Please be aware that costs for import and duty tax may arise. The responsibility for import and duty costs are on the recipient's side.


If you have any question concerning the payment or delivery or our products, please feel free to do so:

We are here for you anytime!



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