BUNA Wooden Refill Holders

With the BUNA holders,  flowers can be easily exchanged.

The wooden capsules are holding a glass tube, which can easily be taken in and out.

Until now, we fixed glass tubes onto constructions or twigs. While this is a good technique for one-time designs, the BUNA holders aim into the opposite direction: they are meant to keep for a long time, being re-used as often as needed, a sustainable solution, and they are meant to enable REFILLING in a proper way. The glass tubes can be exchanged easily, get cleaned and filled up with fresh water, they go back into the holder to create space for a new fresh flower. 

The holder itself should be fixed tightly and neatly to hold the position for a long time.


100% beech wood

Made out of 100% beech wood ( "buna" in Japanese) . Each by each is made by craftsmen, more a vase than a tool. Rendering a floral design into something durable, the holders itself feel precious and special.

Engraved lines

The Buna holders have 2 useful lines, engraved in the upper region and the lower part. As glass tubes have to be fixed in 2 positions to be stable, so do the holders. The engraved lines allow to bind the holders even with ribbon, doesn't have to be wire.

The hanging option


The holders can also be used in a hanging position. The little holes are there for.

Arranged like this, the designs get cuter and more lovely, although only small flowers can be decorated that way.  For heavier flowers it is recommended to fix the holder to the construction, which then serves as a counterweight.

1 precious holder

Wooden holders are sold as sets with 1 holder + 1 fitting glass tube.

Length holder: 11,5cm

Diameter holder: 2,5cm

Length glass tube: 10cm

Diameter glass tube : 1,3cm

6 for the price of 5

The Buna holders are offered as a package of 6 for the price of 5.

Save ¥1600.

The BUNA Wooden holders can also be bought at GABRIELE KUBO FLOWERS