KEITA goods

For sure, you know Keita Kawasaki: the son of Mami Kawasaki, founder of the famous Mami Flower Design school in Japan.

Himself a fabulous flower artist, Keita is not only teaching at the school, but is mainly designing for his own company KTION.


We are so happy to collaborate with him for the international market, offering the KEITA stickropes.




The stickropes got their name probably by the fact, that the threads are sticking to each other and to any object you want to bind together!

It is beeswax, which makes this possible, the threads are thoroughly covered in colored wax.

Binding bouquets got so much easier! You can tie without the thread loosening up while binding! Twigs, wonderful to tie with the stickrope! Slippery bamboo: finally easy to connect. And glass tubes: they magically do not slip away anymore!


We offer the ropes in green and brown and white. The white varies in color between white and beige.

One roll has 140m of waxed stickrope, that keeps quite a while and shows best results in cost performance.


Stickropes, green

Stickropes, brown

Stickropes, white

How to use the KEITA stickropes

Trying to add fruits to your designs? The waxropes are made for that task! Stones to hang, a typical part of Japanese design: with the stickrope, they won't slip away as they do with wires.  

And from here, we pass the microphone to the master himself: please watch and listen to Keita-sensei in his videos!

We are sure, you will get far more inspired as through any written words!

Tying bamboo, twigs and flowers with the stickrope:

(in Japanese) demonstrator is Keita Kawasaki

Tying  twigs and glasstubes with the stickrope:

(in Japanese) demonstrator is Hironobu Ueta 

Animation video about the  stickrope:



The stickropes are as strong as ropes, they are made out of polyester, and can't be torn into parts by hand. Please try to divide them vertically for detailed designs! They get thinner and the wax gets even stickier!

The stickropes for sure are a professional addition for florists and flower designers. Did you see how Hironobu Ueta  is not only tying the twigs, but is also wrapping the brown stickrope around the twigs to create a simple base? Great idea, isn't it! As the ropes are brown and look really natural, they look like real thin vines.

I have to say, after using wires for years and years to work out floral design details, the stickrope is far easier and also somehow more „relaxed“ to use. Don’t need a plier, don’t need to twist, do not need a wire cutter. It feels somehow „at home“, just like tying shoelaces!

About the KEITA stickrope
Read about the KEITA stickrope in the American "by design" magazine! Article written by Liza Weihman, Greenwich Garden Club, initiated by Martha McClellan.
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